Know the power of your own network

Our toolkit includes sustainable internal communication campaigns, creative activations and ambassador journeys. We look for and create fascinating business stories, put together activating, innovative internal campaigns and transform employees into impressive ambassadors. 

Internal PR

We take care of all aspects of your internal communication, based on flexible annual plans with surprising storylines and innovative activations on various channels. We look for and create stories that resonate within your organisation and tailor them to the target group. In short, we make sure your employees are motivated 365 days a year.

Creative activations

Your internal communication deserves the same attention as your external communication. We love delivering original campaigns, devising events and putting them into practice. We enjoy using unexpected techniques and innovative media from podcasts to guerrilla actions. Of course we always take your internal and external channels into consideration.


We help you turn your organisation into a vibrant community: it is our goal to transform your employees into committed ambassadors. We activate and support them so that they communicate authentically and with pride. From micro-communities to broad ambassador networks: your message and values resonate in every corner of your business.



1. Listen

We are excellent listeners and fully immerse ourselves in your business culture. We believe in co-creation, with ourselves as an extension of your team.


2. Analyse

It goes without saying that we do extensive research into your culture, internal communication and style. We make the necessary measurements and analyse existing data. Together we create a sustainable, strategic internal communication plan.


3. Devise

Regular internal brainstorms and cross-pollination with other communication tasks inspire us to endless possibilities. Of course we transform all the ideas into a meticulously presented internal communication plan.


4. Engage

The sense of being part of a tribe or network is enormously powerful. We use inspiring communication, and above all regular messages, to create a feeling of engagement. What is more, we ensure that you practice what you preach.


5. From the inside to the outside

Internal communication is not an island. Where relevant, we link your internal stories to external communication. The icing on the cake is that we transform your big internal campaigns and innovations into PR stories.