Know the power of your own network

Employees are regularly excluded from what companies share externally while they often are an integral part of your customers’ experience.

Our vision is to embrace this principle and collaborate with your marketing, corporate, HR and internal communications teams to allow all stakeholders to join the conversation.


We handpick our clients and projects because we believe in their story and want to tell it with them. We are attached to building a strong relationship.


We have a flexible network of expert partners and can offer an international approach where necessary.


We are good at creative storytelling in a way that resonates with specific audiences. So why not use this ability in a wider variety of channels and support your core messages with out-of-the-box ideas.


Innovation, passion, creativity and common sense help us shape complexity into a single compelling thought. Whether we survey your employees, audit your communications, engage stakeholders in a strategic business proposition, recognise or reward staff; onboard colleagues, manage cultural change or invigorate your communications channels – it’s all about creating an ECHO.


1. Listen

We like to ask a lot of questions. During an intake workshop we define objectives & vision.
We map your current way of communicating internally as well as the company culture.


2. Analyse

This allows us to turn your feedback into action, come up with an effective, evidence-based strategy that achieves behaviour change, improves productivity, reduces staff turnover and creates a stimulating and positive working environment and culture.


3. Devise

We make sure we connect you to the right partners and tools.
If needed, we guide you through the process of implementing an ambassador mailing system or intranet tool.   


4. Engage

We communicate clearly & consistently. Having identified the internal audiences we craft messages accordingly and manage your channels. We organize captivating events and add creativity to your team.


5. Measure

To continuously improve your employer branding, we measure performance, recognise and reward and provide you with analytics.


6. Refine

Throughout the process we continuously evaluate & adapt based on extensive measurements. We review and redefine goals. You receive continuous support as an extension of your team.