7 reasons you should invest in internal communication

15 October 2020

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100 bucks says this sounds familiar: a big consumer brand launching their awesome new product with all the bells and whistles. Splurging their marketing budget with an ad campaign, larger than life PR stories and influencers hyping up the product on social media!  But in all their wild enthusiasm, they seem to have overlooked one thing: to inform their colleagues. Not convinced that employee communication should be top of mind in your company? Here are seven reasons we think are most pressing to invest in internal communications:


ONE: The raging war for talent

According to an Agoria study, one in ten vacancies will not find any candidates by 2030, due to the war for talent. Your employer brand and company culture is one of the most important differentiators to retain and attract talent. More importantly, your cost of hiring decreases with 43 percent if you have a strong reputation as a mighty fine place to work.


TWO: They’ve already heard it through the grapevine

We don’t need to tell you  the speed and amount of communication has increased exponentially over the past years. Your employees expect the same speed of information internally. The classic trickle-down communication approach just doesn’t cut it anymore. It results in limited feedback, delays, misinformation and trust issues. The absence of a well-structured internal communication plan often results in hearsay and gossip.


THREE: Long distance office relationships

Chances are you have not seen some of your closest colleagues at work today. One in three employees occasionally work remote in Belgium. Maybe your company operates from several locations? It is vital that you can collaborate as if your coworkers were sitting next to you. Tools like Slack, Facebook Workplace or intranet solutions help tremendously. If your employees work remote, a clear internal communication strategy will support your company culture and won’t leave you estranged. It is a small world after all.


FOUR: Kids these days…

Never before have so many different generations shared the same workplace. Don’t lose sight of their different communication needs. On average millennials and generation Z like regular feedback and faster internal messages, preferably on their mobile. Their colleagues from Generation X might want the exact opposite. Make sure you persuade all age groups to embrace your company culture. With the right motivation and approach no one will be left behind, you will attract new talent and knowledge is shared throughout the company.


FIVE: High engagement equals high retention

The influx of those younger generations can challenge your company’s HR policies. Whereas the older workers envision a life-long career with the same employer, the youngest expect to stay no longer than three years. Did you know engaged employees are four times less likely to change jobs? This might be one of the best reasons to invest in internal communication, especially if your retention is low and you’re short on talent.


SIX: hire talent twice as fast for half the cost  

Now that we’re talking about talent. Internal communication will lower the strain on your budget and you’ll find new colleagues in a heartbeat. According to a LinkedIn study, being a great place to work:

  • reduces your staff turnover with 28%
  • cuts your cost-per-hire in half
  • you’ll find the right person for the job twice as fast
  • you’ll  find 50% more qualified applicants

Moreover, if you roll out an ambassador program, like Social Seeder, your employees are more likely to join forces and attract qualified applicants as well!


SEVEN: Let your employees do the talking

Ever since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented mid 2018, companies have been looking at alternatives for mass mailing and direct marketing. One of the most efficient ways to share your stories to the outside world is by your employees. Half of email subscribers don’t trust your newsletter, but 92% will trust truthful stories, reviews and recommendations of the people they know. It is safe to say: your employees are your best and most authentic brand ambassadors. Let them do the talking.



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