PR managers, don’t despair: internal communication will save time!

15 October 2020

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We know, you don’t have a lot of time to spare as a PR professional. Your workload starts to resemble mount Fuji. And now, internal communication has been added to your job description… Don’t despair! You already did half the work.


Most effective means of communication

First, let’s look at the numbers of why internal communication is worthy of your time. Because, we all like metrics, right? We will start with splendid news: PR is still the second most effective means of communication. In contrast: half of email subscribers don’t trusts newsletters, only 36% believe a word of social media ads and 60% sees right through product placement in their favorite tv-show. However, almost 60% trust that newspaper article you pitched last week. Great job! There is only one thing we trust more than anything else: stories, reviews and recommendations of the people we know (92%). So why wouldn’t you include them in your PR strategy?


Within arm’s reach

The people you see at the coffee machine are mightier than last week’s opinion piece you pitched. So start looking at them as your story ambassadors, your best sounding board, your most earnest critics and enthusiastic supporters.

If you think about it, they have the biggest reach too. When a company with 50k followers shares your latest clippings on social media you reach 1500 people organically. 5 of your colleagues, with each only 317 followers, can reach those same numbers.

A for effort

So you speak with your best influencers at the office every day. This alone saves you some legwork. But there is more. If you inform your coworkers before sharing stories to the press, you will not only get valuable feedback. You are also starting a transparent company culture. As you build your internal network you will save time on digging for the next great story. More engaged teams will bring you their best stories on a silver platter. Finally, you can reuse a lot of material to share with your colleagues: opinion pieces that resonate the company culture, coverage reports, pitches about the new product line and of course press releases.


Reap what you sow

Now, time to reap what you sow. You automatically share all relevant news internally as well as to your PR contacts. Your colleagues co-create your stories and do no longer hear about important business decisions in the media first. Even if you go through some negative press, they will stand by your side as proud ambassadors on social media. They know their voices are heard and can ask questions or voice concerns when they need to. You now created a positive communication culture with effects throughout the company, from the HR-manager to the sales accounts.

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