Hotel staff are the ideal city ambassadors for Ostend

5 March 2020

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Hotel staff are the ideal city ambassadors for Ostend. They are, without a doubt, the number one guide for visitors to guide them through the city by the sea. Therefore, it’s vital that hotels are well up to date of all activities in Ostend by the tourist office. 

Thus, Visit Ostend wanted to map and understand the needs of hotel keepers, receptionists and communication employees. Why are the hotels sometimes reluctant to share touristic info on their social media? Can Visit Ostend inform them more efficiently? Do hotel guests ask predominantly for information about events? Are they happy with the collaboration? ECHO analysed and advised on stakeholder communication and collaboration. 


ECHO’s method? 

We identified the scope after a kick-off workshop.. Next to that, we interviewed several stakeholders to create a clearer view on the partnership between the hotels and Visit Ostend. 

Also,  an online survey was distributed to all three- and four-star hotels in Ostend.

The result?  

We collected lots of interesting insights! How much time can a hotel employee spend on communication? On which channel do they preferably receive information? How often do they share knowledge with competing colleagues? As a final result, we Visit Ostend received a comprehensible report with useful insights,  advice and achievable quick wins. 

Nice bonus: hotel keepers are unanimously satisfied with the close cooperation and response speed of Visit Ostend!

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